Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Militant who??

There is militant patriotism, militant secularism, militant atheism and even militant fundamentalism...

But here is someone new, equally menacing as he can be merciless, cold-blooded and single-minded, dead to all but his cause and dark as the night to those who oppose him, father to those who concur.

This new animal is Militant Tolerance...He, of many faces, hues and stripes. He won't stand a moral stance. It is just not done in polite society. Ever heard of him? You MUST have! At your workplace, social dos and even in your own family.

He will crush your spirit with cynicism and bite off your head with bile if you should so as much as speak about Truth and Faith. He is Pontius of the famous parody- What is Truth?

But he is Nice...Oh soo very nice. He will spout of accommodating everybody and give a patient hearing to every minority dissenting view (as long as it does not intuit moral absolutes). After all, isn't it intolerant not to hear the small man speak. He believes in transcendence. All things becoming acceptable over time. 

The one thing he will not because he cannot believe, is in moral benchmarks. "Ouch! That's not very nice." "How can you impose your beliefs and moral judgement on others? " Everybody has right to create his own 'Rights' and make his own 'Truths'. That's what the modern enlightened society is built on. 

To be nice and acceptable means to remove all semblance of Truth because Truth is absolute and so very inconvenient.  But when there is no standard to define good from evil; Nothing is good Or evil. Everything becomes a perspective. To be a militant tolerant is to believe that there is no moral authority, no ethics, no accountability and definitely no responsibility attached, in that order. 

I am not responsible for this...

But whether we believe in divine judgement or not, we must surely attest to consequences. When Truth becomes negotiable, Goodwill becomes God. Justice will fail to discern between the victim and the perpetrator, just as it failed the unborn in Wade Vs Roe and with it will go Peace and Hope...And we wonder why we have so many more wars in the 21st century than in the previous millenniums? Why school kids spray bullets on their own classmates? Why mothers take the lives of their unborn? Why people glorify self-destructiveness and condone moderation (read Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse etc etc etc)? 
Why we Christians don't stand up and live lives worthy to be called Christ-abiders?

It's all in the name of Liberal, Tolerant Niceness.

Ever met a Militant Tolerant? Take a step back and look inside yourself...