Monday, March 5, 2012

God laughs...

Yup, he does...

ROFLMAO (not sure about the 'ass bit')
Side-splitting, ground-breaking, glass-shattering, tears-rolling....laughter. Yup, he does all that. 

How do I know it? Well, it's reverse analogy. Considering that kids generally take after their parents and Jesus's constant reminder that 'HE IS your FATHER! Say Daddy'  bit and we kinda, sorta resemble him by looks (check Genesis), it all builds up to Abba, Daddy, Papa..

So when we laugh, who did we learn it from?


Maybe, even irony is also not lost on God. He who sacrificed so much  for us and still loses so many souls all because we don't care enough to hold on to his extended hand. Don't care, don't know...I can't say which. The book of Wisdom says that it is possible for man to know God by looking at creation, by pondering upon the awesomeness of nature. It is possible through natural reason for man to know God. 

But with the spate of deforestation and the concrete jungles we live in, no wonder most of us don't see God. Then again, there is another thing disappearing with the shrinking green cover...CLOTHES! 

Don't believe it. Take walk in the park (literally). It's summer here in Bangalore...the rest better remain unsaid. Yet, there is hope. For God so loved us that he literally wrote his gospel on our bodies. We mirror in our earthly bodies a beautiful but not in an unnatural way the mystery of the Trinity. He made us to know him so the clues are all around and within...just waiting to be discovered. He liked to call us home- or Temple, whatever

So this Lent, I decided that it might be good to write a funny caption to remind me of my unworthiness and push me towards holiness:

"Remember the Prodigal Son, I happen to be his sister"
"I used to be snow white, but I drifted" (courtesy Linen on the Hedgerow)
"Change me O Lord, but not just yet; then give a greater grace to ask for this change" (a revision from the original from St Augustine of Hippo)

Aha!....I think He just smiled :-)

If you have some of your own 'Happy Lenting' quotes. Send it right in. We could all do with a smile.