Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis the night the Saviour was born...

There came upon a starlight
When the Saviour of man
Chose to be born

When hope, joy and peace
Came to us in a babe of swaddling cloth
The angels rejoiced, Shepards thrilled, wise men searched and one, yes one seeked to kill

But in the cold opulence and crass consumerism of open malls and red nosed reindeers
Did you hear the babe cry?
Did you see the heavens rent open and angels come down?

Did you hear the heralds? Did you see the star in the East? Did you wait for the Father's promise come true?
Our God with Us is fulfilled this very night again.

Christmas is not about us or even about others but it is about the Christ child and his humility and the unfathomable Love of the Father.