Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stay with us, Lord

One of the most beautiful, inscriptions that I have seen outside an Adoration chapel is the one at St. Patrick's Church, Bangalore.

It is from Luke 24:29
"Stay with us, Lord"
I don't know which pulls at my heart most. The scripture which echos the cry of my heart or the response of the Almighty in the exposed monstrance. 

Luke 24 is the story of the forlorn disciples on the road to Emmaus. The scripture says that the disciples were walking in the evening and that's when Jesus came beside them. It is possible that darkness overtook them on the way and 'their eyes were prevented from seeing him'. As the disciples neared the village, Jesus made as if to go further but they pressed him to stay with them. He accepted and during the breaking of the bread he revealed himself as the Lord

I have often been in that place where God seemed dead and absent. Darkness has a funny way of obscuring the truth. Our despair, confusion, loss, guilt and shame all have a way of keeping our heart from perceiving the Beloved beside us. That's when we have a choice. To entreat him or to give in to the darkness.

When in despair; stay with us, Lord 
When in sadness; stay with us, Lord
When all hope is lost; stay with us, Lord
When I am ready to be found; stay with us, Lord